Our Consultants

Lars Wang
Consultant and daily leader
  • Broad experience from project management and process assistance. Experience from many complex urban development tasks
  • Civil Engineer in Social Planning (NTNU).
  • Masters Degree in Management. (BI)
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

epost: lars@insam.no
phone: 905 23 021
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Tron Myrén
  • Broad experience of overall plans and strategies for planning; municipal community
  • Good knowledge of social aspects of urban development and area development in urban areas
  • Main subject in social planning from the University of Tromsø and Lillehammer University College

epost: tron@insam.no
phone: 402 17 374
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Reidunn Mygland
  • Wide experience from complex planning and development projects, including development agreement processes

  • Experience with environmental programming in the early stages

  • Civil engineer in construction, postgraduate education in planning

epost: reidunn@insam.no
phone: 934 62 524
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Sølvi Tellefsen
  • Advisor in culture and library development
  • Broad experience in culture and library
  • Trained in restructuring and change in the public sector
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

epost: solvi@insam.no
phone: 906 82 987
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Dag Erlend Mohn
  • Solid experience in project management and business development in the private and public sector
  • Good knowledge of cultural heritage and management
  • Education in Public Relations, Communication, Project Management and Languages

epost: dag@insam.no
phone: 920 35 254
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We are located on the 6th floor on Papirbredden, Greenland 58, 3045 Drammen