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We believe that the transition to sustainable cities and communities require new ways of collaborating.


For insam, societal challenges are seen as starting points for creative processes with opportunities of creating shared value through innovative solutions. We assist in project implementation and ensure integrity and coherence throughout the process. Our assistance is always tailored to our client’s needs and the specific task. We collaborate all over Norway with a diverse network of actors and have experience from local, regional, national and international projects.

In our view, societal development strategies should stimulate value creation while improving quality of life and coping with existential crises of climate and biodiversity loss. Companies, public actors and non-profit organizations that manage to develop their services or products in line with this will succeed in their social, cultural and economic value creation.

insam AS was established in 2006 as we saw a need to strengthen quality, consistency and implementation success in urban and community development. The name insam reflects our vision of how we want to work with societal development. It bridges the Norwegian words innovasjon and samfunn, which means innovation and society. Our motto is innovation through collaboration. insam has a large network of collaborators, and work with various actors throughout Norway.


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