insam AS are consultants in urban development across sectors and scales.

The name insam bridges the Norwegian terms for innovation and society (samfunn). insam was established in 2006 due to the need to strengthen quality, consistency and implementation-power in urban development and place-making. For insam, societal challenges are a starting point for creative processes and the realization of innovative solutions.

The consultants in insam have a clear focus on project implementation, while ensuring integrity, integration and wide breadth in the projects. Our assistance is always tailored to our client’s needs and the individual task. We are engaged and work closely with our clients.

We work with tasks that require both social and organizational competence, and have experience from local, regional, national and international projects. We believe there is a need for societal changes to meet future challenges related to value creation, climate challenges and the production of well-being.

New thinking and ability to implement new solutions are needed in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Companies, public actors and non-profit organizations that manage to develop their services or products in line with social development and new wishes and needs will succeed in their social, cultural and economic value creation.

insam is part of the knowledge environment at Papirbredden Drammen knowledge-park, and has a large network of collaborators. We work throughout Norway.
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