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We congratulate Eric Ness Christiansen from the Ugang project as the time’s first BYLIV Prize winner and thank you for a wonderful commitment and great effort to decorate our city with great street art. A project that has so far attracted a lot of attention both inside and outside the city limits.

Byen Vår Drammen is an organization that works to revitalize the center of Drammen by developing and producing services for business and municipalities. The town of Ons Drammen took four years ago to initiate a commitment to Byliv in Drammen: The Life Program. As a natural continuation of this work, the living price has now been established.

Bylivsprisen in Drammen is awarded to the one or the most contributing to Bylivet in Drammen. The prize is awarded annually.
Here’s a little about the purpose and criteria:

  • BYLIVsprisen is awarded a project, event, initiative or initiative that has a great positive impact on city life in the center of Drammen
  • Those who receive the prize should be a pioneer of positive urban life and be inspiring to other actors
  • BYLIVsprisenaims to stimulate increased urban life in the center of Drammen
  • The prize will motivate private and public developers of properties and urban spaces to focus more on urban life effects in their projects
  • The prize should be something to strive for organizations or individuals to initiate or carry out projects that give city life effects
  • The prize will challenge established truths
  • The prize will stimulate cooperation, coherence and overall comprehension
  • Bylivsprogrammet, Byen Vår Drammen and Drammens Tidende collaborates on the award

What is city life?

In connection with the price it became necessary to define what city life is. The livelihood program came to the following:

”A good city life is the sum of people traveling, meeting, thriving, engaging, staying in and using the city.”

These were the nominees:

  1. Eric Ness Christiansen for the great street-art and graffiti project in the center of Drammen, which has been named: Ugangprojektet. Drammen went from zero tolerance to becoming an attractive and exciting street art city. Street art and graffiti in dams and dead walls create life to sad areas, give positive and interesting sense of sense and stimulate stay and traffic in the city center.
  1. Thomas Melby / Thomas Innstø / Jan-Ole Veum for the development of Tollbugata through the establishment of Rekord Bar and Frukt & Grønnsaker and other initiatives that will certainly lead to greater development in both Tollbugata and surrounding areas.
  1. Drammen Minority Council / Buskerud Immigration Council for the idea and initiative of an international cultural celebration of the international Drammen, which has emerged as the International Food and Culture Festival Globus, a great success already from the first year of 2016 and an even greater success and a solid celebration of diversity in Drammen in 2017.

insam has worked with program management and project development for Bylivsprogrammet and Ugangprosjektet.

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