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FutureBuilt (FB) has organized a workshop on green mobility for some ongoing project projects. FB’s goal is to produce 50 project projects (in the Oslo-Drammen axis), both in areas and individual buildings, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent in the areas of transport, energy use and material use. The FB will stimulate innovation and change practice, and be a learning arena for builders, architects, advisors, entrepreneurs, municipalities and users. Forecasting projects have so far had more focus on energy and material use than transport (beyond «proper» location).

Digitization, urbanization, individualization and sustainability will with great certainty affect future mobility solutions, both in terms of physical solutions and organization. The focus is shifting from transport to own infrastructure and / or means of transport (car), to get the most well-functioning total offers tailored to individual needs and different life stages at all times. There is a potential for doing more within green mobility in development projects, but it will also require greater degree of interaction and innovation than is usual today.

insam has been commissioned by the FutureBuilt program and facilitated the workshop and held lectures on green mobility integrated in housing development projects.

Picture Cover Page: CC Nubia Navarro

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