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Leadership of innovation and restructuring in a democratic context

You can shape the leadership role of the future

Management, Innovation and Democracy is a schooling program for you who must deal with increasingly complex societal challenges. This poses new requirements for competence, working methods and roles, and will require interaction between public and private sector, R & D actors and civil society. The study is based on the Norwegian and Nordic social model and is aimed at executives who wish to strengthen their competence in initiating and leading cooperation-driven innovation processes.

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Seminars with Nordic and international perspectives
The seminars take place in Athens, Malmo, Aalborg, Aarhus and Drammen. These cities have reached significant achievements while continuing to meet new challenges. The perspectives in the seminars are both Nordic and international.

Athens was introduced to consider the Nordic society models against Greece’s current situation. The lack of trust in administration and politics, high immigration and economic crisis pose particular challenges – how does Greece handle these? and what can we learn from Greece to be better prepared for the future’s challenges?

The study is relevant to you who work in private sector, voluntary organizations and community-oriented companies. Until now, executives working on these topics have participated:

  • Urban development
  • Politics and community development
  • Health and coordination
  • New municipal and regional structuring
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Green business development

Amongst the initiators, you will meet business leaders and public sector leaders who are keen on social innovation. Researchers will convey reflections from research they are working with. In addition, you can meet politicians who try out new forms of participation and decision making. The curriculum is varied and unconventional and contains everything from classics from world literature to current reports from ongoing research. The program combines relevant theory, new research, practical experience, methodology, group processes and work with project assignment. The assignment is conducted in groups of 2-3 people, and is based on real needs in ones own or other organizations.

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