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OBOS conducts an architectural competition with a goal to develop field 9.4 for a future-oriented and sustainable residential and urban area with approx. 700 homes and up to 5,000 square meters of trade, service and service at street level. EMDC has very high ambitions for the area, both in terms of urban environment, architecture and greenhouse gas emissions. Centrally located climate-friendly construction, smart energy solutions, green mobility, urban agriculture, community solutions and sharing.

insam has assisted OBOS in developing a strategy for Green Mobility in field 9.4. The ambition is a future-oriented housing product designed for future residents to choose sustainable mobility solutions because it provides the best deal. It should be easy and attractive to go, ride and ride by public transport in everyday life. Green mobility is integrated into the development of the housing project from the first day, which also provides guidance for the structure in the planning area.

Read about the architectural competition here.

Photo article: CC / Siri Spjelavavik

Photo home page: CC / David McDermott