insam as offers consulting services in urban development.

We ensure quality and execution power at:

  • good integration between all phases: idea, concept, design, implementation and operation.
  • comprehensive decisions that take care of content, physical solutions, organization and financing.

We contribute to social innovation through:

  • Creative processes and innovative solutions
  • Social challenges as a starting point for innovation
  • Collaboration between the public sector, industry, research / education and volunteering.








We assist with:

Project development

  • Clarification
  • Idea development
  • Project initiation
  • Organisation of cooperation
  • Financing



  • Decision basis
  • The basis for interaction subjects, management and politics
  • Processes and communication
  • Integrate knowledge, analysis and research
  • Concept development



  • Project management
  • Network management
  • Management for hire

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Documentation



  • Competence development through projects
  • Studies and courses
  • Publications