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Innovation through collaboration

Insam is a welcoming consulting environment with a focus on sustainable transition and development. Are you working in urban/local development or with other complex challenges in society? If you are searching for consultancy or need assistance in implementing a project, you are welcome to contact us.

Insam was established in 2006, with a goal to strengthen quality, holistic perspectives and power of implementation in urban and local development projects. Since then insam has grown into an interdisciplinary team cooperating across professional and academic disciplines, sectors and levels of society. In this way we hope to find innovative solutions to the complex challenges we are facing. Our clients include public and private businesses, academia and non-profit organizations.

We offer:

Project management
Network management
Project and concept development
Research and analysis
Institutionalization of new roles and work methods


Business Development and Circular Economy


Real Estate and Area Development

Leadership and Organizational Development

Urban Development and Placemaking

Sustainable Transition

Culture and Cultural Heritage